Welcome to WISE

Welcome to WISE

This site provides information to WISE students and their families on the purpose, curriculum, teaching methods, and personnel of Clark Atlanta University’s Writing Improvement for Success and Empowerment (WISE) program.

One of the first things most students want to know when seeing the word “improvement” in the WISE name is whether their being selected for the program means that the University has judged their skills to be inadequate. The answer is “Not at all!” In fact, by being a part of WISE, you yourself are making a significant contribution to a trail-blazing program that influences the way writing is taught.

In this context, the word “improvement” is simply an acknowledgement that everyone’s writing can be improved. From the best educated, most accomplished scholar or professional writer, to the struggling beginner; from the president of the United States (and he’s a great writer!), to the fifth grader who knows more than all of us combined–there is no one whose writing cannot be improved. And the best writers recognize this fact every time they sit down to write something of significance.

For this reason, WISE is designed to help you improve your own writing through time-tested as well as new methods and technologies. Please browse this site (and bookmark it for use throughout the year) to become familiar with the program. If there is something we have not included here that you feel would be helpful, please let us know. We welcome your feedback.

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